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Dig and Discover-Introduction for teachers.


These materials are a combination of themed missions, lesson notes and tasks, facts sheets and resources to support an exploration of artefacts discovered when excavating the Lincoln Eastern Bypass site. 


The aims of the materials are:


  • To provide KS2 and KS3 teachers and educators with engaging and purposeful lesson outlines and learning resources relating to archeological finds in Lincoln

  • To cover the programmes of study and main objectives for KS2 and KS3 History

  • To use artefacts in a range of curriculum areas, ensuring the learning is cross curricular

  • To develop curiosity, creativity and conversation around history and the work of archeologists

  • To broaden children’s perceptions, understanding and knowledge of life in the past, removing judgemental attitudes, seeing how the world has changed and thinking beyond the obvious-how does this artefact relate to my own life experiences?

An introduction for Teachers.

Click the PDF to download.

Pottery Mission.

Click the PDF to download.

Construction Materials Mission.

Click the PDF to download.

Archeology Mission.

Click the PDF to download.

Tools and Weaponry Mission.

Click the PDF to download.

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