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The Lincoln Eastern Bypass 'Highway of Discovery'.

Network Archeology have been working on what is considered one of the biggest single archeological projects ever carried out in Lincolnshire, and one of the largest in the UK during 2017.

A vast area of excavation which has revealed major discoveries of national and international significance. Over 100 Archeologists and Contractors engaged over a period of nearly two years. They've revealed over 12,000 years of Witham Valley history. Almost 200,000 artefacts have been found and saved in their archives, everything, from glinting, worked flints to pristine Neolithic axes and even priceless items of personal jewellery. 

Network Archeology regularly set up events around Lincolnshire where you can visit, learn and see the artefacts for yourself. Why not have a go at digging through their sandboxes whilst you're there? Who knows what you could find!

Keen to find out more?

Visit their website and social media:

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