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The A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass is a 7.5km road designed to improve Lincoln’s infrastructure, encourage growth, minimise traffic congestion and enhance the environment for Lincoln city.


For a project of this size, it is vital that the history of what is underneath our feet is responsibly unearthed and recorded. Check out our gallery here to discover just some of the amazing finds by the team from Network Archaeology. 


Working with C1 Media and inMOTION Filmworks it was essential to enable a lasting, positive legacy for Lincolnshire County Council and the Lincoln Eastern Bypass Project. To reach the widest possible audience and take the archaeology belonging to the areas back to the people it belongs to and will be affected by and also benefit from the works 'Dig & Discover' was born.


'Dig & Discover' holds and promotes educational materials to families, schools, and communities in Lincolnshire and beyond. 


Families and teachers can download a teaching plan, activities and an explanation of how the work fits into the national curriculum.


We hope you enjoy following Ellie and Tim as they 'Dig & Discover'. 

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