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Hey there!

My Name is Time Travelling Tim!

I have the ability to travel WAAAYYY back in time. So far back that there's no such thing as Xbox or PlayStation! Can you believe that? But don't worry...There's lots of interesting things to see still. Our early ancestors left us some wonderful things and it's my job to find and save them!

I travel with my best friend Ellie, 

 fancy coming with us?!

Ellie 4.png

My name is Ellie, me and Tim travel together!

I have the ability to travel through time too. 

I'm in charge of identifying the artefacts we find.

I'm also a photographer so I document our work to show you 📸

Let's take a look at some of the wonderful

items we've found through the ages!

Tim PNG.png


Did you know there are more people just like us who dig and discover the past? They also support us with what we do!


You should check them out too!

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